Jul 18, 2016

Easy Low Carb Zucchini Quiche

Easy Low Carb Zucchini Quiche

Ok y'all, I just had to share this recipe I found for Zucchini Quiche! The recipe called for a crust, but it's a decarbed version if you leave it out. It's a really simple recipe that also freezes well to be reheated for a quick and easy lunch!

Jul 15, 2016

My Mom Starts Her Low Carb Journey!

Hey guess what y'all?! My mom, Teressa,  has recently committed to living low carb with me and she is all in! I'm really excited for her because I just know how life changing taking control of your health can be and I'm so happy to be able to be a part of her journey. 

My mom has always been my best friend...my rock. She's hilarious, smart, and adventurous. Unfortunately, she's really been through a lot in the last few years and like many others, because of the excessive stressors in life, her focus on health has taken a backseat. Together, she and I are going to change that and put the focus back on healthy foods and exercise! I'm going to be cooking a lot of her meals and preparing snacks for her. She runs a business that takes so much of her time, so I know one of her biggest hurdles would be finding the time to fix low carb meals. I'm going to help with that as much as I can, but we'll be meal prepping to save time for both of us in the long run. 

Exercising will become a big focus in both of our lives as I know that motivating her in turn will motivate me as well! This is a big win win on both sides! I would encourage anyone wanting to start a steady exercise routine to seek out a buddy to help stay motivated and accountable to! Even if your "buddy" is a fitness app, a daily food and exercise journal, or a separate Instagram account for everything health and fitness related in your life...just something that you can go back to to keep track of progress and motivate you to keep going forward! 

Because she knows this is going to be a process and a journey that ultimately will end with a more positive body image, weight loss, and most importantly, a healthier and more fit lifestyle, she hopes that her journey can also inspire others, so I will be keeping track of her progress and posting updates here and on my Instagram account as well (lowcarb_and_fitness).  She's so excited to take on her 50's with a positive new outlook on health and fitness. It'll be fun to share her progress with you guys! 

Stay tuned for more on Teressa's low carb journey! 

Jul 11, 2016

Turkey & Zucchini Marinara Goulash

Turkey and Zucchini Marinara Goulash

You know those dishes where you just throw a bunch of ingredients together that you either need to use before they expire or leftovers that need to get used up? Well, that was how this dish came to be and since it's concoction i've made it many times since!

Jul 8, 2016

Don't Let Swimsuit Anxiety Steal Your Summer

Don't Let Swimsuit Anxiety Steal Your Summer!

So Summer has arrived, but my "Summer body" isn't quite ready. Sound familiar? I get it. Starting in the Fall I would get all pumped up and excited to start working on my "Summer body" and a few weeks in i'd lose the motivation. By late Spring the bathing suit anxiety would start. I used to get so down on myself for not feeling up to par with those teeny tiny bikinis hanging on the Target racks in April. My self punishment for not working out enough during the Winter was dooming myself to jeans in 102 degrees with 98% humidity, skipping out on pool parties, putting off that lake trip because "next year" I would work harder to be ready for it, jumping out of memorable pictures so there wouldn't be evidence of my failure. But the worst part...not living Summer to it's fullest potential WITH my kids. 

I finally decided enough was enough. I no longer fear Summer and it's not because I finally achieved that rockin' Summer body i've always dreamed of. No, it's because I finally realized that being scared of what other people thought about my body was literally STEALING MY SUMMER AWAY FROM ME. I was foolishly standing in my own way of making memories with my family and I knew that when I looked back years from now, i'd wholeheartedly regret it. See that picture above? That's me! That's me with all my imperfections on display, jumping into the lake with my little boys looking on and cheering for me. That was the first day of this Summer, and what an amazing day it was! I can remember what it felt like to sit on the sidelines of Summer, but now I can't imagine NOT having days like this! Some days I still don't actually like putting a bathing suit on, but I do it anyway. For myself, for my kids, for the memories. 

Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying to give up on your health and fitness goals. I still have goals myself and I know that one day i'll get there, but my point is to love yourself along each step of your journey and don't punish yourself when perfection isn't achieved. You deserve happiness! You deserve to have an awesome Summer! 

I urge anyone who is letting their body hold them back, to just let it go. You will NOT regret it, but you will most defintely regret it if you don't. <3 p="">






Jul 3, 2016

Low Carb Blueberry Cream Cheese Crepes

Low carb blueberry cream cheese crepes

With my mom on board for her own new journey into low carb, I wanted to make sure she started with an exciting variety of foods so she'd get a feel of just how delicious low carb can be if you want it to. Eggs are a big staple in the low carb world, and it can be easy to fall into a breakfast rut with scrambled eggs, fried eggs, and omelets. However, egg breakfasts don't have to be boring! There's lots of ways to keep the variety in breakfast. 

Jan 28, 2016

Low Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Sauce--Taste's Like Resee's!

Low Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Sauce

Here's a super easy way to make a low carb peanut butter chocolate sauce that you can use in so many different ways. I was making a Quest Protein Pancake the other day and I was just going to spread some melted peanut butter on it, but my husband had just bought me some Ghirardelli Dark Chocolates so I couldn't resist combining these two and i'm SO glad I did! Obviously i'm not the first person to combine chocolate and peanut butter, but I knew I had to share my latest revelation with you guys! So easy, so good!

Jan 25, 2016

Low Carb "Good Stuff" Casserole

I recently made and loved this easy casserole recipe from one of my favorite Low Carb Cookbooks, "500 More Low Carb Recipes" by Dana Carpender. This is a great recipe to keep around when your craving some comfort food. It's also a good company dish as it's delicious and easy to whip up quickly! 

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