Apr 24, 2010

Surviving your SFLC Lifestyle While Dining Out!

Dining out can still be enjoyable on the SFLC plan! With a little preparation, you can enjoy many many of the things you did before the SFLC plan!

If you think because you are SFLC that you'll never be able to get chips and salsa or cheese dip from a restraunt again, YOU'RE WRONG!


low carb tortillas(get the new Low Carb Flour Tortillas!)
A bit of oil (olive oil works best)

Take your low carb torilla and cut it into chip size triangles. I use a pizza cutter and they come out perfectly! Then, lightly coat each tortilla triangle with oil. Arrange on cookie sheet and bake at 375 until lightly browned and totally crispy!

These are hearty chips and can withstand chunky salsa and thick cheese dip! They keep in baggies for a week and sometimes longer. When you know your going to a restaraunt, grab a bag and take along!This may sound silly to do, but once you've done this you'll appreciate taking this extra step so you can survive the restraunt without caving in...and who wants to be left out of chips and salsa time? NOT ME!

Go ahead and order that wrap you love! Just remove the tortilla it came with and replace it with your own.

Love fajitas? Sure you can eat the fajitas without the tortillas but you DON'T HAVE to! Bring a few low carb toritillas and enjoy fajitas the way they were meant to be!

Avoid sugary, carb ridden dressings on salads and wraps by packing a small container of your own SF&LC dressing. Ask for your order with no dressing and then dress it up with your own!

BBQ Sauces and sweet oriental dressings.

If you enjoy a ceasar salad, the dressing is fine but ask for it without croutons. If they aren't there, you aren't going to cheat right!?

This should go without saying, but don't forget to replace fries, baked potatoes, or breaded veggies with a low carb alternative! Nowadays, they have many yummy veggie sides that are a great substitute for the other carbby stuff. If your not a BIG plain veggie fan, ask that they put cheese on it for you! I ALWAYS ask for my veggies smothered in cheese and have yet for someone to say "Sorry, we can't do that."

I've also asked for crumbled bacon to top the veggies off. Most of the time I pay extra for this, but it's worth it for me to feel like i'm not missing out on the fun of eating out. I'm still TREATING myself!

If you are a burger lover (and I soooo am) I have found that you can still VERY much enjoy that burger without a bun! I call it a hamburger salad!

Order your burger with everything you like on it (well, except for onion rings of course) and avoid the burgers with the tangy sauces. (stick to good ole mayo and mustard. Sorry,ketchup has lots of sugar) and don't forget that you can now get flavored mayos..hot and spicy, garlic and herb, southwestern, etc.) Bring your own for a new "kick" to your burger!

chop the burger and all the fixins up and you will have a plate FULL of a nice burger salad! Trust me...this is a suuuuper yummy way to enjoy your burger!

Yes, I know this sounds silly, but I LOVE diet Dr. Pepper and they don't often offer this at a restaurant, so I sometimes bring my own! OR, i'll carry a those very convenient Crystal Light packages in my purse and just order water to make my own drink. IF i'm feeling very creative i'll ask for a water with lemon (some extra as well) and use splenda (which I always carry) and make my own lemonade! Of course, you can always just order any diet soda, or water.

*ORDER unbreaded fish and meats (grilled is best) and absolutely no DEEP FRIED ANYTHING!
*Avoid corn, carrots, and beans (a small portion of black beans are ok. This is because black beans are very fiberous)

Restaurants are used to special orders. If your not sure about something ask! You might think about adopting the attitude of someone with a medical condition who just can’t eat certain things. You may be surprised at how accommodating the chef can be.

OK, after reading this you may be thinking that i'm crazy! If you see me dining out you may wonder if the reason I carry a HUGE purse is because i'm carrying LC HOMEMADE TORTILLA CHIPS, EXTRA TORTILLAS, SALAD DRESSINGS, AND A CAN OF DIET DR. PEPPER...well, thats not totally true...I just love big purses! But yes, often times I am packin some or ALL of those things! I'll tell you what though, it seriously does make for a much more enjoyable dinner to have the things I love and know that i'm sticking to my SFLC plan!


Apr 14, 2010

My Recent Favorites

TADA! This is my super new favorite! Sugar Free Sweet Tea! I grew up in the south and sweet tea is a staple..a must have! However, around here, making sweet tea usually involves several cups of sugar! Since i've went sugar free i've not had any tea at all! It was very sad lol! I just don't like unsweetened tea. BUT, I was at Walmart the other day and found sugar free sweet tea! The carb count is 0! I was skeptical, but had to try it. Well I am not disappointed AT ALL! So, this is really the ONLY thing i've been drinking over the past several days because i'm just so in heaven being able to drink sweet tea!

Bacon Cheeseburger Salad. I LOVE HAMBURGERS! At home though, we don't do beef anymore...we've switched to turkey which is an amazingly healthy alternative to beef and tastes really great in all recipes. So this salad is super simple and if you love a good hamburger you'll love this too..sans bun of course, but you won't even care after you taste this!

I just fried some turkey meat (of course you can use hamburger if youd like), then put it in a big bowl and added slices of bacon cheddar cheese (this is new and i'm lovin this also!) then melted it together in the microwave. Then I just added all my favorite hamburger toppings (lettuce, mayo, onion, pickles) and thats it! Its so easy and super yummy!

This new cheese is awesome!

Garlic and herb chicken and spinach salad. This is an easy recipe. I took drained canned chicken and added some of that new GARLIC AND HERB MAYO (which i'm so digging right now!), threw in some chopped spinach leaves and presto! This was a really nice lunch salad! Very flavorful!

Hot and Spicy wrap! I eat a LOT of wraps using low carb tortillas, and so i'm always coming up with new wrap ideas and things to put together in them. Since I eat so many, I like to stay creative with it. This is one of my very favorite creations! If you like spicy I definately reccommend trying this!

I took deli chicken and chopped it up. Then laid chipoltle cheddar cheese slices on top of my LC tortilla along with lots of pepperoni slices and added the chopped chicken on top. I nuked that in the microwave more about a minute and then transferred the tortilla into a frying pan until it was perfectly crispy. I then added some of that new HOT AND SPICY SANDWHICH SHOP MAYO, along with some shredded lettuce and folded the tortilla over into a half circle and cut into two slices. Aaaaamazing! (notice the sweet tea!?) lol LOVIN IT!

I've also done the same recipe but added spinach leaves instead of shredded lettuce! Spinach is so good for you and its a nice way to incorporate some iron into your diet!
Actually, I incorporate spinach leaves into at least one of my meals every day.

I reccommend trying these new flavored mayos by KRAFT. NO CARBS!

Crab, avocado, and bacon omelette from MiMi's Cafe. This was like heavenly good! It came with potatoes which of course my hubby was happy to eat. It was an amazing low carb breakfast!

If you want to make this at home, I have found this recipe:


Recommened Sites to Help You in Your Sugar Free/Low Carb Journey

After more than a year being sugar free/low carb, I have become quite creative in my recipe ideas and cooking strategies, however, without the internet i'd be completely lost when it comes to converting many of my old "sugar favorites" to SUGAR FREE FAVORITES! I also just like to keep things interesting and not stick to my ole faithful recipes all the time. You would not believe how many of your favorite meals can be converted to sugar free/low carb! You'd also be suprised at how many amazing and delicious meals you can cook for your family without them noticing or even CARING that you've created a healthy sugar free/low carb meal!

I'd like to share with you some of my favorite sites to look for great recipes, ideas, and sugar free/low carb products!
most of these sites are low carb help sites. This is because going sugar free is pretty straight forward and simple...JUST DONT EAT refined and processed SUGAR! However, its the low carb part that can get tricky and thats where you may need some extra help.

This site has TRULY low carb recipes and a convenient online store for many of the hard to find ingredients that some of their recipes call for!

This site was created by a woman named Sheila who went sugar free/low carb and lost 35 lbs in 5 mo. She went from a size 10/12 to a size 0! She has kept it off for 8 years now and offers lots of motivation, ideas, etc. to help you along the way! You can even call or text her for help (seriously i've done it!) She's an amazing person and her testimony will inspire you! I suggest ordering her self published cookbooks. I have 2 of them and they are a great help!

This is a cool site because you can view the lastest low carb news, get tips, view other's success stories, browse recipes, and theres also some nifty low carb diet tools like a "Hidden Carbs Inspector" and a handy Carb Counter.

A site I love because it has great recipes, a forum to interact with other low carbbers, and low carb help topics such as motivation, cheating, hidden carbs, health issues, etc.

This is a cool website run by a woman who is on a no flour/no sugar diet. She has some great recipes, articles, a forum, and a very handy search tool to look for sugar free/no flour recipes by type of ingredients or meal your after. NOTE* not all of these recipes are low carb even though they are sugar free! So check all of the ingredients first. For example: She has a recipe for a sugar free banana split BUT bananas themselves are VERY sugary fruits. So just look out out for that kind of thing when browsing recipes.

One of my most faaaavorite sites for low carb all around support! Read other low carb dieters stories, see before and after pics, lots of recipes, low carb product reviews, and even a chat room

An amazing GO-TO forum to converse with other low carbers. These people share their success stories and most awesomely, their recipes! Just people like me who get creative with their low carb diets and discover great ways to cook low carb...then they share that with everyone else! You'll find awesome support here!

THE BEST SITE to order your hard to find sugar free/ low carb ingredients! I absolutely love this site! You'll find tons of other goodies on this site too and will probably spend a good amount of time just browsing the neat health items they have!

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