Apr 14, 2010

My Recent Favorites

TADA! This is my super new favorite! Sugar Free Sweet Tea! I grew up in the south and sweet tea is a staple..a must have! However, around here, making sweet tea usually involves several cups of sugar! Since i've went sugar free i've not had any tea at all! It was very sad lol! I just don't like unsweetened tea. BUT, I was at Walmart the other day and found sugar free sweet tea! The carb count is 0! I was skeptical, but had to try it. Well I am not disappointed AT ALL! So, this is really the ONLY thing i've been drinking over the past several days because i'm just so in heaven being able to drink sweet tea!

Bacon Cheeseburger Salad. I LOVE HAMBURGERS! At home though, we don't do beef anymore...we've switched to turkey which is an amazingly healthy alternative to beef and tastes really great in all recipes. So this salad is super simple and if you love a good hamburger you'll love this too..sans bun of course, but you won't even care after you taste this!

I just fried some turkey meat (of course you can use hamburger if youd like), then put it in a big bowl and added slices of bacon cheddar cheese (this is new and i'm lovin this also!) then melted it together in the microwave. Then I just added all my favorite hamburger toppings (lettuce, mayo, onion, pickles) and thats it! Its so easy and super yummy!

This new cheese is awesome!

Garlic and herb chicken and spinach salad. This is an easy recipe. I took drained canned chicken and added some of that new GARLIC AND HERB MAYO (which i'm so digging right now!), threw in some chopped spinach leaves and presto! This was a really nice lunch salad! Very flavorful!

Hot and Spicy wrap! I eat a LOT of wraps using low carb tortillas, and so i'm always coming up with new wrap ideas and things to put together in them. Since I eat so many, I like to stay creative with it. This is one of my very favorite creations! If you like spicy I definately reccommend trying this!

I took deli chicken and chopped it up. Then laid chipoltle cheddar cheese slices on top of my LC tortilla along with lots of pepperoni slices and added the chopped chicken on top. I nuked that in the microwave more about a minute and then transferred the tortilla into a frying pan until it was perfectly crispy. I then added some of that new HOT AND SPICY SANDWHICH SHOP MAYO, along with some shredded lettuce and folded the tortilla over into a half circle and cut into two slices. Aaaaamazing! (notice the sweet tea!?) lol LOVIN IT!

I've also done the same recipe but added spinach leaves instead of shredded lettuce! Spinach is so good for you and its a nice way to incorporate some iron into your diet!
Actually, I incorporate spinach leaves into at least one of my meals every day.

I reccommend trying these new flavored mayos by KRAFT. NO CARBS!

Crab, avocado, and bacon omelette from MiMi's Cafe. This was like heavenly good! It came with potatoes which of course my hubby was happy to eat. It was an amazing low carb breakfast!

If you want to make this at home, I have found this recipe:



  1. She is right about that TEA, I could barely tell a difference! I am really loving all your meal ideas!!!!

  2. I love the meals girl! and as far as the tea I am going to have to try it. Especially for Noah he loves sweet tea... lol i spoiled him and gave him a taste once and he wants a little every time lol so this works great for him too...

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah that sweet tea is some gooood stuff!

  4. I water it down cause it is an acquired taste though. :)

  5. Oh. my. goodness. The hot and spicy wrap?!?!? SOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!

  6. oh I know! That spicy wrap is one of my faves!


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