Aug 16, 2010

Fried Cheese Rollups:Breadstick Substitute

Brian has FINALLY jumped on the low carb train! Whoot whoot! He's not completely sugar free but he's cut back on sugar a lot. He's lost 12 lb. in only a few weeks. I've been doing really well lately with it, but having Brian on board, really keeps me on the low carb creative edge instead of sticking to my low carb favorites and same ole things.

We've been doing these simple cheese rollups as a substitute for breadsticks. I just like to snack on them!

What you Need
Cheese (shredded-not sliced american)
-I used a fiesta blend
Parmesan (optional)

What you Do
1. Spray a bit of Pam in a frying pan and put as much shredded cheese in the frying pan as you want.
-A thin layer is best (easier to roll up, easier on the stomach)

As the cheese is melting and bubbling, add some parmesan (or even italian spices)

3. When the sides of the "cheese omelte" (thats what it looks like) are hard and you are able to run a spatula under the whole thing, check the underside. How do you like your fried cheese? Lightly toasted or a little burnt and crispy? Up to you. I like it to be a little browned.

4. Lift the flat cheese with a spatula and put on a papertowel. Start rolling immediately (it will be very hot and hard to roll but if you wait till it cools too much you won't be able to roll it without breaking it)

And thats it!

-The reason I say you may only want a thin cheese rollup is because too much fried cheese is tough on your stomach. Don't get a bellyache. Plus, a thin one is easier to handle.

-Here's a secret
You can make a sweet rollup too! Find the least flavorful cheese (I use provolone) and do the same thing with it. BUT instead of adding parmesan---add cinnamon, or some sugar free syrup, or some splenda (or a splenda cinnamon mix)  Its yummy!

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