Oct 10, 2011

13 lbs Down and My Latest Low Carb Loves

I lost 13 lbs last month by living sugar free/low carb!

Latest Low Carb Loves


Diet Cherry Coke

Cocoa Covered Almonds

EAS AdvantEDGE Carb Control:
I drink 1-2 a day to curb cravings. They have to be refrigerated but even better when stuck in the freezer for 10 minutes or so so they are ice cold!

FiberOne Yogurt: Key Lime Pie is AMAZING

Original FiberOne Cereal: Serving Size + 1 packet of Splenda


Big romain lettuce leaves
You can make all kinds of wraps with big romain lettuce leaves. I use them instead of LC tortillas most of the time. My favorites have been tuna wraps and BLT wraps. For the BLT wraps, you can make your own sugar free miracle whip by just using regular mayo (a big glob) + 1 packet of splenda (or a bit less depending on how sweet you like it). Spread your miracle whip on the romain leaf, add your bacon, some tomato, wrap up, and done. SOOOO good!

Sweet Spiced Beef and Almond Peppers
I wanted to break out of my LC dinner shell and make someone really different for a change. I found this easy recipe and MAN it was good. I was nervous to serve it up for my husband but he LOOOOOVVVED it! Totally a winner!

click the picture to fully enlarge

This LC treat is easy to make, requires no baking,
and tastes very similar to a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!

click the picture to fully enlarge

1. Smash and mix the peanut butter and butter together first and then add it to the Splenda.

2. Use 3-4 squares of Baker's Chocolate and add 8-10 semi sweet chocolate chips. Your barely increasing the carb count for each buckeye and it tastes soooo much better!

chilled and ready to eat!

Aug 30, 2011

It's ON!

Well, I had a baby!
 little Brady is almost 3 weeks old and although i'm not ready to start any kind of major exercise routine, I am ready AND EXCITED to go sugar free/low carb again and start losing the weight that I gained during pregnancy.

During my last pregnancy I gained 80 lbs-and lost it all in a year! I am totally confident I can lose my pregnancy weight much faster than that this time because I know what works for me now...

Sugar Free/Low carb!

Weight before pregnancy: 150 lbs
Weight at end of pregnancy: 215 lbs
Current weight: 180 lbs

Mini Goal: 150 (prepregnancy weight)

So I need to lose 50 lbs.
I just left the grocery store with all my low carb goodies and I can't wait to get started! My husband has given me even more motivation and has promised a

$1000 shopping spree when I reach my ULTIMATE GOAL!
ohhhh, it's on now!

I'll be posting pictures of my weight loss. I was going to do it this time but I need to have Brian take the pic. So i'll update this later with a current weight picture.

Jun 20, 2011


Currently I am pregnant and NOT living the sugar free lifestyle. Due to that fact and also having Hypothyroidism, by the end of this pregnancy I will be back to the weight I was after gaining so much with my first baby (before living sugar free). However, this time around i'm not so upset about the weight gain. Now I know what to do to lose the baby weight and I won't be trying to figure out how to make sugar free/low carb work for me. I'll be an old pro! So between going back to sugar free and having a treadmill now, I am super excited to start losing the weight and get back to living sugar free! My goal is to get into the best shape of my life before 30 (i'm almost 28) so I can be the healthy energetic mom I want to be for my children and the sexy younger wife I want to be for my husband!

My due date is August 8th.
After that, as soon as my body is feeling up to it i'll begin the weight loss battle and win...AGAIN!
There will be lots of chronological pictures to document the weight loss, as well as more recipes, tips, and motivation for living the sugar free life! 

See you in a few months!


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