Jun 20, 2011


Currently I am pregnant and NOT living the sugar free lifestyle. Due to that fact and also having Hypothyroidism, by the end of this pregnancy I will be back to the weight I was after gaining so much with my first baby (before living sugar free). However, this time around i'm not so upset about the weight gain. Now I know what to do to lose the baby weight and I won't be trying to figure out how to make sugar free/low carb work for me. I'll be an old pro! So between going back to sugar free and having a treadmill now, I am super excited to start losing the weight and get back to living sugar free! My goal is to get into the best shape of my life before 30 (i'm almost 28) so I can be the healthy energetic mom I want to be for my children and the sexy younger wife I want to be for my husband!

My due date is August 8th.
After that, as soon as my body is feeling up to it i'll begin the weight loss battle and win...AGAIN!
There will be lots of chronological pictures to document the weight loss, as well as more recipes, tips, and motivation for living the sugar free life! 

See you in a few months!


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