Aug 16, 2012

Homemade Miracle Whip but Better!

I'm not a fan of Miracle Whip, unless i'm eating a BLT and then it's the ONLY acceptable thing to put on that sandwhich! Since we don't eat BLT's all the time, I don't buy Miracle Whip, however I've come up with an alternative version that I like even better! It's sweet and tangy like Miracle Whip, but is now it's own dressing. My husband LOVES it on all his sandwhiches and my youngest son L (4) will ask to eat JUST lettuce with this spread on it.

It's simply Mayo + Splenda
You can use as little or as much Splenda for your taste but I usually go with two Splenda's for the amount shown above. It really is super yummy!

My BLT's are breadless of course!
Actually they don't have tomato in them either...and I added turkey.
Ok, so they are actually turkey bacon lettuce wraps.
and they are SOOOOOO good!


  1. Nom, I'm making these tonight for dinner!

  2. I believe stevia is far healthier than splenda.


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