Sep 7, 2012

Low Carb Flourless Ricotta Cheese Pancakes

These pancakes are absolutely DELICIOUS! The texture slightly resembles french toast a bit more than pancakes, but as a low carb alternative to flour pancakes they are a real treat!
 There are 3 net carbs per pancake. More if you add syrup--which I did. Although it IS sugar free syrup. This may not be the LC breakfast to eat every morning, but every once in a while...pancakes must be on the menu!

1/2 cup ricotta cheese
2 eggs
1 T. vanilla protein powder
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1-2 packets Splenda (1 packet = 1 carb)
Beat ingredients together until thoroughly blended. Prepare like regular pancakes. Just in case you've never made pancakes (oh boy) Heat in pam sprayed pan on medium for two minutes or until firm enough to be flipped. Flip and let cook for another minute or two. Done! Enjoy with butter and sugar free syrup such as Divinci's Sugar Free Syrup(0 carb) or Smucker's Sugar Free Breakfast Syrup (8 carbs per 1/4 cup--and I never use that much)

Happy Low Carbing! 


  1. Yummy. I've only made it with cream cheese> I will have to try Ricotta!

  2. I made these, they were awesome! With sugar-free syrup and cut up strawberries. YUM.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! It's MUCH better than the cream cheese version that I keep finding everywhere. Your site has already been a great encouragement. God bless! :)

  4. How many pancakes does the recipe make (approximately)?

  5. Hello I am new to the baking with the almond, coconut, flour etc... I was wondering if they measured out the same like if the recipe calls for one cup almond flour but I only have coconut flour is it still one cup? Plus I wondered is there a difference in taste and texture? Thank you

    1. I also wondered about how much is in a splenda packet?

    2. I also wondered about how much is in a splenda packet?


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