Apr 25, 2013

The Best Sugar Free Low Carb Cherry Pie!

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I've made a sugar free low carb cherry cheesecake BEFORE, using a totally different kind of recipe, which I really did like and it was quite a welcome treat, BUT I've really been craving a cherry pie! 
I must say that this is the yummiest sugar free/low carb dessert that i've ever tried! 
I am a cherry pie lover and I was so happy that this was so true to a "normal" cherry pie that I just went ahead and ate it for dinner! I think what I appreciated most about this recipe was that it had 
crust..lots of crust! 

The Crust
(makes one 9 inch pie crust)

1 1/4 cups almond flour (almond flour is great because it's already a bit sweet) 
3 packets of Splenda (more or less is your choice)
4 tablespoons softened butter

Total carbs: 16

Combine ingredients to make a "dough." Now, you can use the whole thing to spread in a 9 inch pie dish, which won't include the sides, you can double the recipe to make enough to make side crust (but you'd be doubling the carbs), you can triple the recipe to make enough for bottom, side, and top crust. 

 OR you can do what I did and make a mini pie!

Instead of spreading my pie crust in a pie pan, I used a small Ramekin so I wouldn't have to double the recipe for SIDE CRUST or even triple it to add top crust (and I reeeally wanted all the crust I could get, but did NOT want all the extra carbs) So I sprayed it with pam firsst and then pressed in half the dough for the bottom and sides, then baked it at 350 for about 10 minutes to brown it a bit.
**You could also use a pam sprayed muffin tin as well**

After browning the crust a bit, I added 1/3 cup of Sugar Free Cherry Pie Filling (Great Value Brand) 
which contains 8 carbs per 1/3 cup. I then flattened out and put the remaining dough on top and baked it at 350 for about 20 minutes or until bubbly.  I also put tin foil around the sides of the crust to prevent overbrowning. 

Almost too pretty to eat. HA, whatever! I ate this thing for dinner--in about 2 minutes. 
The best 2 minutes EVER!

Total Carb Count: 24 carbs! 
Compared to the average cherry pie which contains about 60 carbs PER PIECE!
Granted, 24 carbs is just about what I normally eat in a day and for the most part I do try to avoid artificial sweetener but once in a while I just need dessert! This was exactly what I needed to feel like I "cheated," but without throwing me totally off track and my blood sugar out of whack. 

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