Nov 23, 2013

Easy Low Carb Sugar Free Dessert Pudding

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Easy 2 Ingredient Low Carb Sugar Free Dessert

So this is a recipe for a quick and oh-so-simple low carb dessert. It's been a go-to of mine for years! The best thing about this dessert is that it's totally customizable after you make the basic recipe. There's SO many things you can do with this to make all sorts of guilt free goodies!

One thing to remember is moderation. While this may be a good low carb alternative to many other high carb high sugar sweets, i'd save this for a once in a while treat. Carbs can add up quick when you ignore serving sizes. 

Sugar Free Jell-O instant pudding. (any flavor)
Heavy Whipping Cream

Simply substitute heavy cream for the amount of milk that the pudding normally calls for and mix as usual. That's it! If you use a hand mixer and whip it for quite a while it'll turn out pretty thick! I love it this way. 

What can you do with it?
Using this basic recipe, you can make all sorts of cool low carb desserts!

-You can eat it as is right after mixing and add fresh fruit or sugar free syrups or jams. 

-If your using vanilla pudding you can customize the flavor and add flavor extracts. 

-You can freeze it and it will resemble sugar free "ice cream." After freezing you can also add low carb goodies such as mentioned above. 

-You can pair it with a pre-made low carb pie crust for a no bake pie option. 

-You can heat it up in the microwave for a warm and rich pudding. Heat if for only about 15 seconds or so and check it before heating more. It will start to curdle if you leave it in too long, although you can still eat it this way, it just kind of looks yucky.After warmed you can also add any low carb or sugar free options here too for more variations. 

-You can make a warm and gooey low carb cream puff! (seriously, don't ignore this amazingness)

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