Nov 28, 2013

Low Sugar Low Carb Apple Pie

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Low Sugar Low Carb Apple Pie

On Thanksgiving day I indulged in this amazing low sugar/low carb and guilt free apple pie that I made just for me, myself and I! I used a small ramekin for my own mini version, but you can double the recipe below for a regular 9 inch pie. 

All you'll need is 3 ingredients! 
-1 cup Hazelnut meal/flour (I use Bob's Red Mill)
- 2/3 cup Sugar Free or No Sugar Added Apple Pie Filling
-2 tablespoons chilled Butter

Low Sugar Low Carb Apple Pie


Pie Crust 
- 1 cup hazelnut flour
- 2 tablespoons chilled butter
*optional 2-4 packets of artificial sugar (I recommend Stevia)

Blend ingredients until dough clumps together. I used a food processor, but you could do this with your hands even. Separate the dough in half and press enough dough to cover the bottom and sides of ramekin. Put the other half of the dough in the fridge. Bake the ramekin with just the crust inside on 350 for about 10 minutes, or until crust is just browning, then remove from oven. (Directions are the same if your doubling the recipe as well)

Filling & Pie Crust Top
Take the other half of the dough from the fridge and use a rolling pin to roll it out to a size to cover the ramekin. You could also do lattice top if you want. For a small ramekin like i'm using, heat 2/3 cup (or preferred amount for larger pie) of apple pie filling in the microwave for 1 minute or so then spoon into the prebaked crusted ramekin. Cover your ramekin with the extra pie crust then press the sides to secure. Pop it back in the oven for another 10 minutes or so or until crust is a bit brown and a bit hard to the touch. 

Tada, that's it! 
Low Sugar Low Carb Apple Pie

This is some seriously good stuff!
Low Sugar Low Carb Apple Pie

If you can stand the extra few carbs, slap some low sugar/ low carb ice cream on there! I love Breyer's Carb Smart ice cream which has only 4 carbs per serving. You're going to feel like your carb sinning, but this is a guilt free version at it's finest I assure you! 
Low Sugar/Low Carb Apple Pie

Keep in mind that if you can find other sugar free/low carb pie fillings, you can substitute any of them for the apple pie filling. You can also use other nut flours for the pie crust as well. Hazelnut Flour is very low carb which is why I love using it for pie crust. I used a similar recipe to make my Cherry Pie.

Carb facts for my small ramekin mini pie
Net Carbs without optional artificial sugar: 20g
*Add 1 carb gram for each packet of artificial sugar if you include  it in the recipe

Net Carbs with a serving of 
Breyer's Carb Smart Vanilla Ice Cream: 24g

Carbs in a regular 1/8 slice of a 9" two crust apple pie: 
approx. 48 g



  1. I'm thinking this could be made using other pie filling flavors like cherry or blueberry. Don't care much for apple.Looks delicious.

    1. Oh absolutely! I mentioned my similar recipe for Cherry Pie in the post which used almond flour, but this crust would also work perfectly!

  2. Do you ever worry about using artificial sweeteners I am trying to stay away from most but I have tried Truvia will this work like the traditional sweeteners?

  3. Can you use almond flour instead? Or is the hazelnut flour required for taste??

  4. I have followed you occasionally as I go from one extreme to another on trying to find what will help with my over active fork... but I will be pulling a lot of ideals from you since my husband has now been diagnosed as a diabetic. He has a major sweet tooth & I have to find ways to help him enjoy his new way of eating without losing some of his "snacks". Hopefully it will help me too.

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