Dec 11, 2013

Cauliflower Mock Mashed Potatoes

Cauliflower is such a great staple veggie on a low carb diet. It can be used as a low carb alternative for so many different things. My favorite cauliflower recipe is Cauliflower Mock Mashed Potatoes. At my house we call them "Caulitaters" and I know it's hard to believe but my husband has learned to love and like these MORE than regular mashed potatoes, which he only eats now once a year on Thanksgiving and that's only because someone else has fixed the meal. Caulitaters were one of my first low carb recipes years ago. They gave me hope that this "new way" of eating could actually be quite yummy! 

Two great things about this recipe... it's easy and customizable to your liking! 

1 fresh head of cauliflower or 2 bags of frozen cauliflower florets
Sour cream
Cream cheese
Shredded cheddar cheese
Salt and pepper to your liking


1. Boil your pulled apart head of cauliflower or 2 bags of frozen florets until soft (but not too soft). If your using a fresh head of cauliflower, it will need to boil longer to soften the cauliflower.  

2. Drain your cauliflower and return to pot. Use a potato masher until mashed to your liking. (do you usually like your mashed potatoes a bit lumpy or creamy?)

3. Now add your sour cream, cream cheese, and shredded cheddar. This is also to your liking. I like a lot of all of it haha! I usually use 2 big spoonfuls of sour cream, at least 4 oz of cream cheese, a huge handful of shredded cheddar cheese plus some salt and pepper. You can also add chives, bacon pieces, etc. if you'd like. Really just whatever you would put in your regular mashed potatoes. 

 4. Over medium low heat, stir, mix and blend all the good stuff together. Don't let it burn though! Just make sure to keep stirring. 

Once you perfect these to your liking, you will be sooooo thankful for cauliflower! 


  1. Can't wait to try this! Starting my sflc life style this year. Your site really got me excited to do it.

    1. That is so awesome! I really hope you enjoy these :) I wish you well in your new LC journey!

  2. Making these today! I'm on day 4 of sflc!

    1. These really are a great recipe to start with on Low carbing. I hope you enjoy them, and way to go on 4 days! I know the first few days can be rough, but yummy food helps keep the motivation going that's for sure :)

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. This sugar free thing seems so hard. I'm just starting to research and get started... i'm excited to see what I can accomplish.

  4. just made oooohhhh so good recommend to all

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