Jan 18, 2014

Low Carb Bacon and Swiss Chicken

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Low Carb Bacon and Swiss Chicken

This "recipe" for Low Carb Bacon and Swiss Chicken could not be easier. I put the word recipe in quotations because I can hardly even call this a recipe and it's almost so easy to make that it's embarrassing to put it on here BUT it's also SOOOO good, that I couldn't NOT put it on here!
My mom and her friend had the leftovers and were raving about how great it was and wanted the recipe, but i'm here to tell you that this may just be the easiest chicken "recipe" ever.

Chicken Breast
Slice(s) of swiss cheese
Cooked bacon pieces (packaged real bacon bits will work even)


1. Season and oven bake your chicken breast however you'd like.
2. When it's done, lay a few pieces of sliced swiss cheese on top of the chicken, then top with the bacon pieces. Put back in the oven for a minute or two OR in the microwave after the chicken is done cooking just to melt the cheese with the bacon. 
3. Bam..your done.

See...told you. So easy it's almost embarrassing. Not embarrassing enough to keep it from you though because it's seriously delicious!!

Happy Low Carbing! 


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  2. Thank you for your strength, and your kindness in sharing your journey with others. I look forward to seeing future posts.

  3. Thanks for simple recipes like this. I find many recipes are complicated and very detailed with a lot of ingredients. I just want to eat grain and sugar free without spending all my time cooking. Recipes like this are perfect for someone like me.

  4. I have to be sugar/carb free for medical reasons, and I can't cook very well so this has been a challenge. Thank you for posting something simple. "So easy it's almost embarrassing."--Please don't be embarrassed because people like me and Pam really, REALLY, appreciate it.

  5. I agree with Pam and Anonymous... the simpler, the better! :)

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Thanks for visiting, I love hearing from you, however it still always surprises me how many mean and rotten comments I receive, so please remember that I post what I eat merely as a suggestion of ideas for others. Low carbing is not cut and dry. What works for me may or may not work for you. Also, I live exclusively low carb, but I don't live my life counting them so I don't often include the net carb counts on recipes. Happy low carbing ya'll! :)

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