Jan 6, 2014

Low Carb Shredded Chicken Tacos

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Low Carb Shredded Chicken Tacos

These shredded chicken tacos are full of flavor and a cinch to make! I betcha won't even miss the taco shell! 

Chicken breast (however many you want)
1-2 packets of taco seasoning (depending on how much chicken you have)
Large romaine lettuce leaves
Taco fixins of your choice


1. Bake or boil chicken until cooked through, then pull apart to shred to small pieces. 

2. Add shredded chicken to a frying pan and add taco seasoning and the amount of water the packet calls for. 

3. On medium heat, stir until chicken is coated with seasoning then cover and stir occasionally until extra liquid is gone and chicken is dry. Careful not to burn!

4. Remove from heat and fill large romaine lettuce leaves with the chicken and your choice of taco fixins. 

Happy Low Carbing! 


  1. Your site is WONDERFUL!!! THANK YOU!!

  2. Great website with some wonderful recipe ideas (chicken tacos...missing from my diet for 7 years), and alfredo sauce, can't wait to make that.
    You look healthy and happy; bet (and hope) you're proud of yourself. I love finding sites where bloggers really know what they're doing re LCHF recipes. Thanks for what you offer and what you do. Sharon Too.

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