May 29, 2014

Low Carb CRUNCHY Snacks

Crunchy Low Carb Snack Ideas

When you go low-carb (especially when you first start out), you may really miss the crunchiness of some of your pre-low carb go-to's like chips, popcorn, crackers, pretzels, etc. and no i'm not trying to drive you crazy here I promise! 

Here you'll find some simple low carb alternatives when you just want something crunchy to snack on. Click on the picture title links to be taken to the original post for the how-to's and more info!

Other Suggestions
Pork Rinds
Celery Sticks 
Dill Pickles
Raw Veggies


  1. Thank you for your inspiration - I will never understand why people say horrible things, it is a sign of their pitiable state so one can only feel sorry for them. They clearly have something missing from their brains or their hearts. p.s. you look beautiful. You looked lovely before and you look lovelier now.

  2. Thank you so much for the ideas! I am a snacker and sugar free. These will suggests will help me immensely. You are so pretty!


Thanks for visiting, I love hearing from you, however it still always surprises me how many mean and rotten comments I receive, so please remember that I post what I eat merely as a suggestion of ideas for others. Low carbing is not cut and dry. What works for me may or may not work for you. Also, I live exclusively low carb, but I don't live my life counting them so I don't often include the net carb counts on recipes. Happy low carbing ya'll! :)

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