Aug 16, 2014

Low Carb Lemon Coconut Icee

I concocted this lemon coconut icee after my grandma made her famous lemon meringue pie which was sadly not sugar free and so I had to pass (sorry grandma, no hard feelings!) For the next few days though I had a hankering for something lemony. Actually, I LOVE anything lemony. It's one of my favorite flavors. 

I keep tons of lemons in the fridge to add to my water, but I decided to put them to "better" use. I wanted to make a lemon icee, but at the last minute I added coconut and it made for a wonderfully refreshing summer treat! 


1. Juice 6-8 lemons or until you have a cup of lemon juice. I let my boys have fun with this part and they juiced all my lemons using a good ole fashioned handheld citrus juicer, but you could also use bottled lemon juice here. 

*add a few tablespoons of lemon zest for extra zing if you want

2. Add your choice amount of sweetener to 2 cups of warm water. This is basically up to you. This part is customizable for sure, and if you want you could go without any added sweetener! I added 1/2 cup of granulated Stevia to the 2 cups warm water. 

3. Add coconut extract (flavoring) or coconut water (your choice) Since I had already added Stevia sweetener, I didn't use coconut water, I used 2 tablespoons of coconut extract. IF you would like to use coconut water, I would suggest replacing 1 of the two cups of water with your coconut water in the mixture in step 2. 

4. Combine the sweetened water and lemon mixture in a blender with a TON of ice! I used like 4 handfulls of ice. If your blender has a puree setting, I would suggest that. You want it to reach "icee" texture. You may need to add more ice or spoon excess liquid. That's it! 

*I garnished mine with mint from my garden just to make it pretty, but I ended up crushing it and mixing it around in my icee because it added great flavor! 

This isn't an exact science type of recipe. It's very customizable. Just play around with the basic 2 cups of water, some sweetener, and lots of ice. Add your favorite fruits and flavors! 


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