Mar 27, 2015

Low Carb Creamed Spinach with Shrimp

Low Carb Creamed Spinach with Shrimp

I can't believe I haven't shared my low carb creamed spinach recipe yet! The other day I switched it up and added some shrimp and then thought.."Whoa! I need to spread the Low Carb Love about this!" 
I mean, it was delicious before, but adding the shrimp turned it into a full meal instead of just a side. Even better still is that it is really easy to make! Ok, i'll get right to it.

3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
Fresh or frozen spinach (I used fresh baby spinach)
Cooked frozen shrimp (I used extra large)
Tsp of minced Garlic
Seasonings of your choice (I used onion powder, and garlic salt)


1. Add to skillet- 3/4 cup of heavy whipping cream and a bag of frozen shrimp into a skillet on medium heat. Stir cream and flip shrimp frequently until heated through and shrimp become pink. 

2. Stir in your minced garlic and your seasonings. You can add what you like here. I used a tsp of onion powder and garlic salt. You can taste test your cream to see if you'd like to add more flavor. 

3. Add a handful or two of fresh spinach and stir into the cream. Fresh is best, but you can use frozen as well. It won't take long at all for the spinach to wilt and soften...just a few minutes should do it.  

3. Your cream will thicken as it continues to cook. Just make sure to stir it often so it doesn't burn. 

4. Remove from heat and enjoy! 

**Note: You could omit the shrimp if you just want to make creamed spinach by itself, OR you could omit the spinach if you just want to make creamed shrimp. Either way is delicious, but together they are FAB! 

Low Carb Creamed Spinach with Shrimp

Happy low carbing ya'll! 


  1. Clever and QUICK....I love just sauteing fresh spinach with fresh garlic in olive oil. Great side dish. I like this, never thought of it. Prolly could do it with chicken breast you already sauteed. A bit rich...i might go half and half with almond mile and the cream....or half and half itself. Thanks for the ideas...

  2. Thank you so much for posting all of these great recipes! Your recipes will I am sure be a great help to me along my journey.

    I have done the no sugar/low carb in the past in my early 30's and seen quick results. After a few years, I reverted back to my old way of eating. I am 49 now and have gained it all back and then some. :(
    After stepping on the scale this morning and seeing the number, I knew it would be bad so I had stayed away from the scale. Before this weekend, I hadn't had the will power to make the lifestyle change. Amazing what the season change will do for you....I have at least 20 shirts (really cute I might add) that I refuse to wear now because they are too tight. I am tired of not being able to wear what is in my closet, feeling tired all the time, and most of all ...uncomfortable in my own skin.
    So today is the day to start over!! :) Look forward to reading more of your posts!!

  3. I made this yesterday - it was SO SO good and easy to make!!

    I am currently obsessed with your blog lol and have been stalking it for new recipes :) Do you know how much I love Margaritas? Can't wait to make your version!!

    And you look amazing, but not only that - I applaud you for doing this and sticking with it.


  4. Mmmmmm... bet if you throw some parmesan on...... definitely trying this!!

  5. Mmmmmm... bet if you throw some parmesan on...... definitely trying this!!

  6. I have done this before too but...with cream cheese instead......

  7. Thank you for this site! What a great resource for me! I starting eating low carb and low sugar last January when my sugar spiked and I'm happy to say that within a year I lost 51lbs and got my sugar back to the normal range. I'm working on losing 20 more pounds to be at my goal weight. I can't wait to try some of these recipes! Thank you so much. You are in inspiration!

  8. Just tried your recipe for dinner! It is so delicious! People like you give low carb people like me a change of menu! Thanks Again!!!!!!!!

  9. Just made this! I added cream cheese and topped with Parmesan. It was fantastic! Even my 3 and 5 year old ate it!

  10. I have to say this turned out so delicious and the nutrition facts are awesome! I included sautéed mushrooms and put it over a bed of cous cous. Less than 10 grams of sugar total. My fiance (who is not a huge fan of eating healthy) couldn't even tell it was a good-for-you meal! Thank-you for posting this easy and delectable meal. I will be making it in the future :)

  11. I made this for dinner last evening and even my husband loved it. Delicious! Thank you for sharing.

  12. When you say a bag of shrimp, just what sized bag do you mean? Is this truly a recipe for one? How much does it make?

  13. I used your recipe as a springboard for tonight's dinner, altering it to what I had available. Love it! Hubby loved it too. I used half cream and half unsweetened coconut pourable yoghurt, added some harissa seasoning with celery salt and garlic granules and added mushrooms.


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