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I have an 80's party to go to this Saturday which i'm LIKE TOTALLY excited for haha! I don't drink very often at all- the occasional party or holiday. Normally, I make an exception to my sugar free/low carb ways for a drink or two (or 4! hehe) at the party. The next day I usually spend extra time on the treadmill and eat more strictly.

I shouldn't have to do this anymore however, because people are finally clueing in to the needs of people like us living SFLC lifestyles!

If you make your own coctails, there are several recipes that cut out the sugar completly, without sacrificing on taste! You'll also be cutting out lots of calories that way too.

Here's a recipe for a Sugar Free Margarita

•1 jigger (1.5 oz) tequila
•2 Tablespoons (1 oz) lime juice - bottled more convenient, fresh tastes a lot better
•1/4 cup (4 Tablespoons) water
•1/4 teaspoon orange extract
•1 Tablespoon's worth artificial sweetener (try to use liquid, carb-free types)
•Ice - small handful
•Margarita salt or kosher salt
Wet the rim of the glass and dip into a small plate of salt.

Combine all ingredients. You can either serve it over ice (in Mexico I've usually been served it this way, but I can't say I've had extensive experience), or strained into the glass, or blended in a blender.

You can find this recipe and more here:

If you are a beer drinker there plenty of low carb options for you as well! Remember: NOT ALL LIGHT BEER IS LOW CARB!

Here are the top 10 beer brands with the lowest carb count.

1. Thin Ice 1g 12oz
2. Accel 2.4g 12oz
3. Aspen Edge 2.6g 12oz
4. Bud Select 3.1g 12oz
5. Natural Light 3.2g 12oz
6. Corona Light 5g 12oz (my fave!)
7. Coors Light 5g 12oz
8. Amstel Light 5g 12oz
9. Mikes Light Lemonade 6g 11.2oz
10.Bud light 6.6g 12oz

You can find a comparison chart as well as flavor characteristics here:

So there you have it! You can still stay reasonably low carb if you are well informed about what your low carb options are. I believe it is ok to splurge once in a while on special occasions, but if you can stay low carb and still have a good time, I think thats a better choice! No more guilt the next day!

As always, please drink responsibly and DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

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